Love languages? Try programming!

Programming in binary code

Programming languages have a lot in common with human languages. For a start, they all have a very particular vocabulary and syntax. You need to learn the rules to assemble meaning. And both machine and human languages are tools for… Continue reading

Describe It! Speaking drill game for fun practice prompts

I’m always looking new ways to make speaking practice fun. It was BBC’s Just A Minute that inspired me to put this basic drill activity together. From a bank of many random concepts – TV shows, celebrities, countries, landmarks –… Continue reading

Add some Eurovision sparkle to your language learning!

Eurovision 2017 Logo

The Eurovision Song Contest may be over for 2017 (congratulations, first-time winner Portugal!), but it can still be a sparkling, magical resource for teaching and learning modern foreign languages. Eurovision and languages have gone hand-in-hand for me since my early days… Continue reading

Getting lost in languages: finding your flow


How often do we hear others dismiss language learning as “too hard” to bother? In my own long and varied experience with MFL, it’s a charge I’ve heard frequently levelled at languages, as much from frustrated students as from family and friends.… Continue reading