A Model for MOOCs : Dublin City University Setting the Standard for Language Learning

The Liffey, Dublin. Dublin City University provides some excellent MOOCs via the FutureLearn platform. Image from freeimages.com.

This week I completed the final week of one of Dublin City University’s Irish language MOOCs on the e-course platform FutureLearn. And I can honestly report that it was one of the best online language learning experiences I’ve had. If… Continue reading

Birds of a Feather Learn Irish and Scottish Gaelic Together

Like Irish and Scottish Gaelic, the landscapes of both countries can be remarkably similar. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland. Image by Jeff Osborn, FreeImages.com.

There are a ton of benefits to learning closely related languages together. And polyglot pairs don’t come much closer than Irish and Scottish Gaelic, island cousins with a fascinating history. Under the extensive Dál Riata kingdom, Old Gaelic formed a… Continue reading

Language immersion, Irish style : learning tips from a bilingual state

Irish countryside (photo by Brian Lary, freeimages.com)

It feels like I’ve been in Ireland rather a lot, lately. It’s partly due to my fairly late discovery that there is this beautiful, fascinating country to explore only a hop away from my own. But a large part of… Continue reading