Hot Politics: cooking up language learning opportunities from election posters

Hotspot for politics: inside the cupola of the German Reichstag in Berlin

It’s European Parliament election time all over the European Union – even, perhaps, in the UK after recent developments – which means that Europe is awash with slogans and soundbites again. And politics, not always a dirty word, can be… Continue reading

Politics is good for you (and your language learning!)

The Houses of Parliament, the seat of British politics

We’ve all had enough of politics, right? Well, a bit of it might be good for you, if you’re learning a foreign language. One of the biggest advantages of following politics in your target language is not just in new vocabulary… Continue reading

Change, society and the language learner

Change may be accelerated by societal pressures.

Language never stands still. As learners, we study a moving target. The only constant is change. It’s something that hits you when you learn from old textbooks. Many old, forgotten language courses still have mileage in them, especially if you like… Continue reading