Language Apps

Ever since I can remember, the links between machine and human language have fascinated me. In particular, the building-block nature of grammatical rules has always captured my imagination. It is the driving force behind my particularly unique love of heavily inflected foreign languages!

A favourite and long-standing project of mine is programmatic morphology. That’s my fancy invented way of saying ‘recreating the natural word-building rules of language with technology’. By mirroring the rules of a given verb system, I developed a number of declension engines that have an obvious applications in language learning software. Subsequently, they form the basis of set of verb reference / practice apps for iOS, which you can download using the links below.

I hope you find them as useful and fun to use as I did making them!

Verb Blitz iOS Apps

As I continue to dabble and experiment with different languages and digital platforms, this list will hopefully grow.

Alternatively, if you prefer video content, check out another of my projects on this site: Spanish Grammar Bites, a set of whiteboard-style videos for students.