You cannot be Siri-ous! Voice Assistants for Language Learning

Voice assistants - multilingual robot helpers in your phone! (Image from

Switching the language settings on your phone is a well-known trick for fast-tracking your language learning. But with constant improvement to Voice Assistant technology like Siri and Google Assistant, learners have something potentially even more exciting in their pockets: a… Continue reading

Motivation lacking? Do it for an audience!

Few things give more motivation than the prospect of having an audience for your efforts. (Image from

Motivation can sometimes seem like a scarce resource. Simply¬†wanting to achieve, for achievement’s sake, might not suffice to push you over the finish line. You need a bit¬†extra. I found myself in this situation recently, working on a goal that… Continue reading

Digital Decluttering : the Delete an App a Day Challenge!

A place for everything! Decluttering into boxes. (Image from

A place for everything, and everything in its place: the mantra of decluttering. There has never been a better time to tackle clutter, it seems. Japanese tidying whizz Marie Kondo is enjoying great success with her Netflix series Tidying Up,… Continue reading

Love languages? Try programming!

Programming in binary code

Programming languages have a lot in common with human languages. For a start, they all have a very particular vocabulary and syntax. You need to learn the rules to assemble meaning. And both machine and human languages are tools for… Continue reading

Alexa: Your Personal, Digital Native Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot - Alexa for Language Learning

It’s a language learning ‘secret’ that isn’t so secret any more: changing the language setting on your smart devices is a brilliant way to create a personalised immersion environment without going abroad. And the recent explosion of artificially intelligent digital… Continue reading