Books for Free – Polyglot Point-Stashing

Let’s face it, language learning books can be expensive. Not that you have to buy expensive courses – there are plenty of free alternatives – but they are nice, aren’t they?

If you’re strapped for the books cash, though, there are ways to get those treasures for free.

If you’re using Microsoft Bing for AI fun or simply for searching, you might not have noticed Microsoft rewards. It’s a points-based system that gives you credit for everyday online tasks like searching, clicking links and reading news.

The points stack up quite quickly – and you can exchange them for Amazon vouchers!

It’s one of many points-for-prizes reward schemes online, including the long-running Swagbucks, which features online tasks like surveys, and the stalwart of all survey-for-points sites, YouGov.

If you work them all, you’ll hopefully find your voucher stash increasing quickly.

And we know what you’re going to spend it on! Bring on the books.

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