Swahili Safari: First Steps on a Brand New Language Journey

Northern Rift Valley, Tanzania. Swahili is one of Tanzania's national languages. Picture by Barbara Schneider of freeimages.com

I’ve been saying for a while that it’s high time I diversified my language outlook. And as of on cue, the chance fell into my lap this month. My MSc Linguistics programme includes a 20-credit introductory Swahili module. Asante! Swahili… Continue reading

Language Jam on Ukrainian Toast

Jars of jam. Image by freeimages.com.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? For me, it was a large dollop of Ukrainian jam on toast. I know, that makes two weeks in a row that I’ve written about food. But this time, it was purely… Continue reading

Dabbling to joy : allowing yourself guilt-free language exploration

Dabbling with languages is like trying all the sweeties! Image from freeimages.com

For many, August is the month of holidays. This year, I made it my month of dabbling! Planning, routine and system are crucial in language learning. But there should always be time for a bit of ranging and roving. Dabbling –… Continue reading