The returner learner effect : how a study break can be a language learning boost

A short study break may do your brain the world of good between the book marathons. (Image from

Brains are mysterious things. Sometimes, they seem to display most counter-intuitive behaviour. Just take the study break, for example. Give yourself a few months off a language, and you might expect to be a bit rusty as a returner learner.… Continue reading

How starting over can boost your language confidence

Plasma ball

It’s important to recognise the brain’s need for pause now and again. But it might help our guilt-ridden, study-obsessed selves to note how effectively a rest can restart our engines. I’ve experienced this effect recently, after picking up Modern Hebrew… Continue reading

Pace and pause

Sunbeams in a forest - pace yourself and go for a walk!

We’re human beings, not machines. And sometimes, it’s importance to acknowledge that fact by respecting your learning pace, and building in opportunities to pause. I’ve written before on the topic of learner burnout, and it’s definitely a topic that bears… Continue reading