New year, new goals: a language resolutions toolkit

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New year, new¬†decade. And time again for lots of New Year language learning resolutions and great intentions. Twitter is awash with plans, hopes and dreams from language enthusiasts far and wide. We certainly know what we want out of 2020.… Continue reading

Five Ways to Stick to Language Learning Resolutions

A new calendar means new language learning resolutions. But how to stick to them? (Image from

We are well into the New Year now, and – if you are like me – you probably have a list of language learning resolutions as long as your arm. But doesn’t cold, damp January feel like the longest and… Continue reading

Resolutions and reasons to be cheerful : a language learning retrospective

Fireworks at New Year - a great time for Language Learning resolutions!

There is something motivationally magical about the turn of the New Year. That arbitrary line in the sand humans draw to mark the start of a new round-the-sun tour seems a better time than any to wipe the slate clean.… Continue reading

Happy New Language? Linguaphile Resolutions for 2018! 🎉

Fireworks at New Year - a great time for Language Learning resolutions!

It’s that time of year again, when we take stock of the last twelve months, and formulate resolutions for the next. And a major part of my planning for the next year will focus on my favourite topic: language learning.… Continue reading